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Sun Oven – Cooking with Solar Energy

Posted by JE Jones on Oct-9-2012

I have to say, I’m addicted to my Sun Oven! Have you ever thought about using solar to cook meals, bake bread and muffins or dehydrate food? I would never have guessed how easy it could be.

Cooking with a Sun Oven is easy

If your power went out for a significant length of time, have you thought about what you would eat? Is your electric bill out of sight and you are looking for ways to trim it and save money? Recently my husband and I went to a Self Reliance Expo and one of the talks was on the Global Sun Oven.

This handy solar powered oven is useful if your power goes off but you can also use it for any of your daily cooking and baking, plus you can use the sun oven as a dehydrator or to pasteurize water. Many in the audience were already using their sun ovens for all their home cooking. After seeing all that it could do, we decided to order a Global Sun Oven which is also available on Amazon.

Here in Texas, we have a high proportion of sunny days but the Sun Oven will work in winter as well. As long as the day is bright, you can cook in it, no matter what the outdoor temperature is.

Why Should You Use a Sun Oven?

If you’re worried about the climbing cost of electricity, the sun oven can save you money. Not only do you save the cost of using your stove, but cooking some a roast, for instance, in your stove, also heats up the house, which uses more air conditioning to cool it down again.

Temperatures get up to 350 to 400 degrees so you can easily cook anything you would cook in a stove.

Nothing ever burns in a sun oven. Put more than one thing into your Sun Oven, say stew and cornbread and both are done at the same time and never burn. Put your dinner into the Sun Oven in the morning and when you return home at night, it’s all done.

Anything you can cook, steam or bake using your regular stove can also be prepared using a sun oven. Your food never dries out either.

Easy to move. The Sun Oven by Global Sun Oven packs up into a small suitcase type size which is light and easy to handle.

There is a leg in the back of the Sun Oven so you can change the angle of the inner box to directly face the sun.

Corn bread and stew cooked together in my Sun Oven

How to Use a Sun Oven

Enamel pots like these are recommended for the Sun Oven

All you have to do to use your sun oven is to face it directly toward the sun. Make sure the shadows on each side are even. It should be repositioned every so often to take advantage of the strongest rays. If you are going to be gone all day, position the sun oven where the rays will be strongest in mid day.

Place the sun oven in the sun and tighten down the glass door to pre-heat and then add your food. That’s all there is to it. When it gets later in the day, I have to reposition my oven about every 30 minutes.

We purchased an aluminum folding table to put our Sun Oven on also, which we can take camping as well. When you’re finished with cooking for the day, simply wipe out the oven and clean the reflectors and glass with something like Windex.

All parts of the Global Sun Oven are made in the USA except for the thermometer, which is something I really like.

I’ve made a chicken and veggie dinner, stews, chili, bread and cornbread so far in my sun oven so far. I can see I may need a second one so I can use it as a dehydrator. Dehydrating takes many hours, which will tie up my oven for the day.

Check to see if a Self-Reliance Expo is coming to a city near you.



  1. Elaine Said,

    This is brilliant!! , sadly over here in the uk you would be the laughing stock of the street if you where top wheel one of these babies out- we never get any sun

  2. JE Jones Said,

    Hi Elaine, thanks for you comment. Yes, some parts of the US are the same. I’m originally from Oregon where it is rainy and cloudy a lot. If you live in sunny areas thoug, sun ovens are great.

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