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One for the Road by Lynne Marshall is the first romance novel I’ve read in many a year, I must admit. Because the topic of my blog is boomers, Lynne graciously sent me a copy of her book to review and although my last exposure to this genre was 30 years ago, I was curious to see if older heroines just might start a welcome trend.

One for the Road by Lynne Marshall

One for the Road by Lynne Marshall

The heroine of One for the Road is D’Anne Palmer, a recent widow who found out her dead husband was up to some suspiciously dangerous things. The two of them had taken off on a trip across country in their new deluxe 40 foot motor home, when Reese died suddenly, an apparent suicide. D’Anne was left stranded, alone far from home, and broke. How would she get back to California without any money?

Hiring out the RV with herself as driver seemed like the perfect answer. She was less than happy though when the first person to approach her was a has been country singer, Tyler White, who needed transportation for his band to a series of appearances, ending up in Las Vegas. Could an uptight, 40-something California woman with two grown sons find true happiness with a washed up country singer trying to make a come back?

I have to admit, after years of reading about reed thin beauties who find love with handsome (and of course rich) hunks, it was a bit disconcerting, if refreshing, to find a heroine who worries she’ll have a hot flash at an inopportune moment or feels self-conscious because of her crow’s feet or a couple extra inches around her middle.

The hero of the book is also in his 40′s, suffers from high blood pressure and is a few pounds overweight. He examines his hair to see if a suspicious spot on his head is showing scalp and sucks in his gut, resolving to skip breakfast.

His view of D’Anne is “for an older gal, her curves are holding up real good” and she sees him as a “little over the hill, creased and broken in like a favorite chair.”

Still and all, romance and passion for the over 40 set is still alive and well! Sparks fly and we are given a good reason too why D’Anne the recent widow could so easily fall for a broken down cowboy on the comeback trail.

One thing I liked about the book was Marshall’s handling of the reality that the characters came from two different worlds. When we’re young, we tend to think love conquers all but as we age, we know that to keep a relationship going, we really do need to have many things in common. When D’Anne meets up with her two grown sons and a good friend at the end of the road in Las Vegas, she sees Tyler through their eyes and wonders if she’s crazy to even consider falling for him.

It’s easy to see why D’Anne’s sons thought she’d lost her mind. When a normal middle-aged mom hooks up with an aging country singer and his band and travel the road with them, it might just give the kids some moments of worry! It’s very real too, to think that a mother might look at herself through her grown children’s eyes and suffer doubts about what she felt and what she was doing.

Lynne Marshall has a very entertaining style and her middle aged characters’ romance is wonderful to read about. I think the story appeals to all of us who ever  think about packing up and taking to the road, living a different life and finding love along the way. If you like romance novels but you’re tired of beautiful, thin heroines and hunky rich heroes, pick up a copy of One for the Road.

On her blog, Lynne says she didn’t seriously pursue writing until age 50 and got her first book sold shortly before her 56th birthday. What an inspiration to all the baby boomers out there who think it’s too late to pursue a dream.

Visit Lynne Marshall’s blog to learn more about One for the Road and her other contemporary romance novels.

  1. Christine Ashworth Said,

    I’ve got this book on my Kindle, can’t wait to dive in! Sounds like Lynne did her usual terrific job in crafting a story.

  2. Charlene Sands Said,

    What a great review. I have this book on my Kindle and will be reading it soon!! Love the idea of heroes and heroines in their forties!!
    Lynne Marshall is a terrific writer!!

  3. robena grant Said,

    What a delightful review.

    I especially liked your insight into the fact that when we’re young we think love will conquer all. As we age we are more aware of loves “craziness” and how it can impact so much of our independence. We look at partnerships with clear but wrinkled eyes rather than through rose colored glasses.

  4. Janie Emaus Said,

    Great review. Lynne is fantastic author!

  5. JE Jones Said,

    Thanks so much for the comments! I can see Lynne has a well deserved following.

    Janie, I really like your boomer blog. Many entertaining, though-provoking articles.

    Christine, paranormal romance used to be my favorite reading. I’ll check out some of your books soon.

    Charlene, for some reason your link didn’t work but I did find you on Amazon where it says you have 28 romance novels, including Harlequin westerns, to your credit. I’m glad to see historicals set in the west are still popular. I always liked them.

  6. Nas Said,

    Wow! What a fabulous review! Thanks for posting this review and I like it that Lynne Marshall hasn’t forgotten us (folks just over the hill!) and our feelings!

    I loved Lynne Marshall’s Medical Romances and her writing style is so different that when she handled a mature romantic couple, her story came out so realistic!

  7. TJ Bennett Said,

    I’ve been a fan of Lynn’s for years, and in fact read this book in its draft stages. I loved it then and I love it now, and I’m so glad it is finally finding its audience!

  8. Vonnie Davis Said,

    With the divorce rate so high among boomers, it makes sense to tap into this older market. Lynne, who is a fabulous author with a list of credits as long as my arm, penned a believable story for an age group long-neglected. I was 55 when I found my Mr. RFM (right for me). Romance knows no age limit–thank God.

  9. Maria Said,

    Loved the review and have gone over and bought the book from B&N for my nook. Now I need to go read the related post about RV living “Take Your Retirement on the Road – Is RV Living for You?”

  10. JE Jones Said,

    Thanks again for all the nice comments!

    Vonnie, I see your latest book, Storm’s Interlude, takes place in Texas where I live. I’ll have to check it out. I found my RFM when I was close to 40, myself, so I know being “young” isn’t a requirement for romance too.

    TJ, I see you write paranormals too. I like what you said on your homepage about your heroines being survivors and tough. I’m getting the urge to read paranormals again. I’ve been reading some Kay Hooper but not really romantic paranormal.

    Nas, I see you live in Fiji. Must be very beautiful there.

    Maria, if you’ve ever had the urge to take off in an RV, you’ll really enjoy Lynne’s book! The RV idea was one thing I knew I’d like about it, since it’s my husband’s and my dream to travel in an RV when he retires.

  11. Lynne Marshall Said,

    Hi Joan,
    As you can imagine, your book review left me smiling wide. I originally wrote the book with older characters because, like you, I’d gotten tired of reading about younger characters and perfection. I love a good story, regardless of age of character, but I had a hankering for something I could relate to. I hope some of your blog readers can relate to my plucky California widow, and who can’t resist a smooth talking southern man, even if he is a bit rough around the edges. How many books have a car race in it between an RV, a Hummer, and a beat up VW bug? :) Yup. A little something for everyone.

    Thanks again,

  12. JE Jones Said,

    Hi, Lynne, Yes, I certainly did enjoy the car chase! Nice bit of suspense thrown in with the romance, I thought. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  13. THE DOG ATE MY BLOG | Lynne Marshall Said,

    [...] Joan’s Boomer Blog [...]

  14. Sandy Nachlinger Said,

    This sounds like just the sort of book I’d enjoy, so I ordered it from Amazon. As a writer of a baby boomer romance myself, I appreciate the efforts of other authors to represent older heroines in their stories. After all, Baby Boomer women make up the largest group of readers! BTW, Joan, in case you’re curious, I found your website via your comment on the Boomer Women Speak blog (Natl Assoc of Baby Boomer Women).

  15. JE Jones Said,

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks so much for visiting and thanks too for letting me know where you found me. One for the Road was a fun book to read and I like boomer literature. We need more of it so I’m glad you are contributing to this genre.

    I really enjoy Boomer Women Speak also and encourage my readers to visit.


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