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Joan’s Boomer Blog – An Update

Posted by JE Jones on Oct-3-2012

A few months ago, I had decided to say goodbye to Joan’s Boomer Blog and turn to other projects. One reason I did that was, sadly to say, because I had not performed the needed updates to WordPress, which left my blog terribly out of date and the fix was much too technical for me. After a while, I found that I missed writing on my boomer blog so I decided to bite the bullet and hire someone to update everything for me.

Our 4×8 raised bed with pvc pipe and bird netting

I have a friend who gets quite a bit of freelance work from elance.com so I posted my job there and within an hour I had over a dozen bids. I hired someone names Fog Tower because in his bid, he laid out a good plan of action and seemed very professional. He had all 5 star reviews from others he’d worked for too.

Within 24 hours my site was updated and ready to go – so thanks Fog Tower!

I’ve come back with new ideas for things I want to write about. My husband and I had been considering selling our home and buying a smaller one but decided instead to refinance and stay in this home. We want to buid a more self-sufficient lifestyle, which included a lot of raised bed gardens, rain barrels, and some solar power. Here we have a quarter acre lot, which is big enough for all those things.

A couple of months ago, my husband and I went to a Self-Reliance Expo and learned so much about being preparedness and doing things for ourselves. We bought a Sun Oven (I’ll be writing more about this later on) and last month we put in our first fall garden and a rain barrel. I’ll be updating readers on several projects like these and writing more about how to be self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency not only saves money but it gives you control over your situation when you know you can feed yourself, provide your own power and water for emergencies.

So, in future articles, I’m still going to write about healthy aging and health news of interest to boomers, new ways to follow your passions and enjoy retirement and other topics I’ve written about in the past but I’m also going to add new topics for helping boomers save money and become more self-sufficient.

As always, I’d love to hear from readers about your experiences or ideas.

Joan’s Boomer Blog is happy to be back!


  1. Dave Bernard Said,

    Glad to hear you will be keeping up with your blogging! And the addition of self-sufficiency information will be fun as well. I would love to be able to grow more veggies in the backyard since I would then know 100% just how organic the produce is. Best of luck in your continuing adventure.

  2. Bob Lowry Said,

    Welcome back, Joan. I look forward to your new approach. I’ve added you back on my blogroll to make it easy to keep up to date.

  3. JE Jones Said,

    Hi Dave and Bob, Thanks for the welcome! It is great to be back. I’ve missed you guys!

  4. JE Jones Said,

    Dave, I’ve been converting flower beds in the back yard to veggie beds. I now have mustard, Swiss chard, beets and a tomato plant in one of them. You’re right about the need to make sure veggies are organic. Plus you can go pick them and eat right away! Great nutrition there. At the Self-Reliance Expo we went to the organizers said nobody should have lawns anymore, they should grow their own food. Tough if you have an HOA tho.

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